Short story collection

Stories by Anara Guard


Chicago Book Review: Best Books of 2015

This new collection of twelve short stories by Anara Guard focuses on moments in life when something turns, a choice is made, a promise is kept or broken. With vivid and precise details, these quiet tales introduce you to characters whose inner lives are both troubled and eloquent. You smell the permeating odors in a rundown Chicago apartment building, touch the texture of a bear’s thick fur, feel your feet scraping against the coils of a hairy rope ladder in the bathtub. These compressed, observant tales provide a remedy to readers hungry for stories that will resonate long after the last page is turned.


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ISBN: 978-1-929777-06-8
148 pages

“… [these] stories are a pleasure to read. These short stories are powerful and memorable…4 stars” — Lyndsie Manusos, Chicago Book Review.   Full review

“Anara Guard picks out secret jewels of the hardscrabble life where the domestic scene reveals the larger landscape.  Her subject is the mystery of childhood, the certainty of death, and the shining light somewhere in between with all its startling beauty.”  — Lisa Page, Acting Director of Creative Writing, George Washington University, co-editor of We WearThe Mask

“Not only magical but also quirky and funny… a kind of enchanted landscape whose perils are navigated by characters who must contend with the oddness of their reality. These darkly whimsical stories of misfits—a girl who doesn’t know left from right, a mother who bleaches her children’s eyebrows, a realtor showing a house to a bear—unfold in delightfully unexpected ways.”  — Abby Bardi, author of The Book of Fred, The Secret Letters, and Double Take

"I received Remedies for Hunger in the mail about an hour ago — dipped into it for a second and disappeared. I am blown away, enchanted, right next door to wordless. Just wow! So so good".                                       — Lois Ann Abraham, author of Circus Girl and Other Stories and Tina Goes to Heaven

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