A Tale of Two Kitties

by David Hutchinson

Book Cover: A Tale of Two Kitties

A whiff of sparrow at the window, late night nuzzles, camping in the redwoods: here are the first twelve months in the lives of Scotty and Athena, told in unforgettable prose. Have you ever gone bejabbers at the bugs, fallen into scritchy bliss, played paw-ball at dawn? Ever cavorted with slippery light beams and delectable fuzzies, made unexpected discoveries in your own house, thrilled to the coo of a Scottish Fold? Cat lovers will adore this book!


A gift book for all ages
Sixteen full-color photographs
Richly illustrated with line drawings by Mount Shasta artist, Pan


Reviews:Lyn Estall wrote:

I loved the descriptive passages. I felt as though I was right there camping with you, or in your corner of the backyard, inhaling the scent of honeysuckle. High points for me were the wonderful descriptions of spaces, from the snow cave to musing about the magic of whole mansions inside your house...and the photographs of Scotty and Athena are gorgeous!

About the Author

After obtaining a degree in physics at Kenyon College, David Hutchinson spent thirty years as a registered nurse at UC Davis Medical Center, which included fifteen years building their Electronic Medical Record. He is becoming fluent in French, has a life-long study of Asian philosophy, piano, and science, and can be seen cycling around Sacramento in all seasons. He and his wife live in a self-created neighborhood art garden frequently visited by children. A long-time resident of Sacramento, he has published books on the Internet, medicine, and cats. He spent several years as a docent at the Crocker Art Museum, and cares deeply about the environment and the future.