Over 70 And I Don’t Mean MPH

Reflections on the Gift of Longevity

by Marilyn Reynolds

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Written in a conversational tone with honesty and humor, this collection of essays is a compelling look at experiences and situations common to people over 70. The writings explore subjects such as choosing a burial or cremation plan, living in a body that requires high maintenance, and being typecast as one who can only eat bland foods. The personal essays expose with irony and humor the often overlooked details of the trials of aging, yet also provide a deeper understanding of the necessity of reinvention late in life.

Reviews:Dorothy Rice on Amazon wrote:

I just read this book and loved it. Funny, poignant, true. Passed it on to my sister. These are issues so many of us are dealing with - aging, mortality, loss of loved ones. Author Marilyn Reynolds tells her stories with the right mix of often harsh reality and humor. A quick, fun, insightful read.

Shen Feng on Amazon wrote:

Marilyn writes with complete honesty, insightful reflections and a great sense of humor. Both my husband and I are over 70 and we can relate to many issues she raises and deals with every day: such as our health problems come with aging and our mortality, etc. Her wit and wisdom are shown in every essay in this collection and we feel like she is talking to us as an old friend who inspires us to recognize the necessity of reinvention late in life. We look forward to reading more of her work.

Marilyn's straightforward take on the joys and challenges of aging is realistic, poignant, and at times thigh-slappingly funny. If you or someone you love is over seventy, or ever expect to be, this book is a must read. Part how-to-and part inspirational, her easy, conversational tone invites you to put your feet up and relax with her over a cup of tea, a sip of wine, or one of those pretty little martinis. Whatever your beverage of choice, you've got a delightful few hours in store for you.

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About the Author

Marilyn Reynolds is the author of eleven books of realistic teen fiction: Telling, Shut Up, No More Sad Goodbyes, If You Loved Me, Love Rules, Baby Help, But What About Me?, Beyond Dreams, Too Soon for Jeff, Detour for Emmy, and Eddie's Choice, all part of the popular and award-winning True-to-Life Series from Hamilton High. Ms. Reynolds also co-wrote the Emmy-nominated script for the ABC Afterschool Special teleplay of Too Soon for Jeff.

In addition to books for teens, Ms. Reynolds is also the author of a book for educators, I Won’t Read and You Can’t Make Me: Reaching Reluctant Teen Readers; Over 70 and I Don’t Mean MPH,a collection of essays on the gifts and challenges of longevity; and 'Til Death or Dementia Do Us Part, a memoir chronicling her husband's descent into Frontal Temporal Dementia. Her newest book is Over 80: Reflections on Aging, a collection of essays.

Ms. Reynolds worked with reluctant learners and teens in crises at a southern California alternative high school for thirty years. She remains actively involved in education through author visits (Zoom or in-person) to middle and high school students ranging from struggling readers to highly motivated writers who are interested in developing work for possible publication. She offers staff development workshops for educators and is a frequent guest speaker for programs and organizations that serve teens, parents, teachers, and writers.

To request a visit, ask a question, or learn more about her work, visit http://www.marilynreynolds.com/

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