Sibling Revelry

SIBLING REVELRY consists of two award-winning sister-poets, Anara Guard and Gay Guard-Chamberlin, who perform together in person and remotely, and often collaborate in writing poems. They also offer workshops and readings, together and separately.

Join them on Zoom for WEDNESDAY REVELRY each month, with different themes. Each session is designed to encourage writers–whether new or seasoned–tap into memories and muses via themed prompts to help rejuvenate your writing practice. Not for poets only!  Limited to no more than 18 participants; $20 per session.  5 PM Pacific time, 6 Rocky Mountain, 7 Central, and 8 Eastern.

March 27, 2024: TRICKSTERS & FOOLS

Tricksters are known for their pranks, but the Fool is the one who often speaks the truth. Let’s bring puns, jokes, trompe l’oeil and other tricks to our truth-telling.

To register, visit:

To pay for any session:

              Mail a check ($20/session) to New Wind Publishing, 5315 Spilman Avenue, Sacramento CA 95819. Please indicate the months you are attending.

OR         use Paypal with the email address as recipient.

Questions? Email

A 20-minute video of a Sibling Revelry performance is available here.

Each sister has a collection of poetry available:

HAND ON MY HEART by Anara Guard


or order the Sister Set at a discount.