New Wind was founded in Sacramento, California, in 1995. We first issued a series of books for medical providers on how to find the best information on the Internet, and quickly branched out to include other topics. In 2014 we began publishing fiction, and in 2019, poetry.

Past titles

  • An Internet Guide for the Health Professional (Michael Hogarth, MD and David Hutchinson, 1996)
  • The Internet Workbook for Health Professionals (David Hutchinson, 1997)
  • A Pocket Guide to the Medical Internet (David Hutchinson, 1997)
  • Medline for Health Professionals: How to Search PubMed on the Internet (David Hutchinson, 1998)
  • How to Remember Multiplication and Division Facts: A Workbook for Adults. (Emmy Gunterman, 1998)

In addition to individual books, we also ship bulk orders to schools and libraries. Hardbound books can be purchased from Follett and Permabound.

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