Over 80: Reflections on Aging

A collection of twenty-eight personal essays on aging, covering health, family, faith, memories, grief, longevity, and sharing a dog. The tone ranges from wry humor to poignant reflection as the author shares her thoughts on life in one’s ninth decade. Want an inscribed copy? Just indicate that in the NOTES box when you order.

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What does it mean to live well in late life? Marilyn Reynolds showcases twenty-eight essays on how to survive a sudden health crisis, create your own form of spirituality, share a dog, and think about the past without becoming mired in it. Reynolds’ voice is unsentimental, wry and realistic with a take-no-prisoners love of life and other people. Over 80: Reflections on Aging will appeal to anyone looking to live a meaningful life, whether aged 20 or 90.

With Over 80, Marilyn Reynolds guides us with humor, acceptance, and grace through the aging process with this moving and meaningful book. An important and thoughtful book for any age.

—Cynthia Davis, gerontologist and hospice chaplain

Reynolds is an engaging and observant writer. She asks good questions of herself: “As bodily and mental competence is diminishing, what will bring meaning and purpose to my life?” This is a real treasure to add to a quite small body of writing about experiencing the later years. Many more of us are surviving to advanced ages, and it is good to have a variety of guides.

Margaret Huyck, PhD, Fellow, Gerontological Society of America, author of Growing Older: What You Need to Know About Aging
Living a long life, she writes, evolves from “first” experiences to one of “last” experiences. Reynolds has turned her longevity into a treasure trove of rich, touching insights and it is a gem worth reading repeatedly, and you will. Trust me, you will.

—Dev Berger, retired health policy consultant, aging advocate and writer

Reading Marilyn Reynolds’s Over Eighty is like having a conversation with a close friend. Neither depressing or sugar-coated, Reynolds’ anecdotes and insights are a bit like answers to the questions many of us in retrospect wish we had asked our mothers and grandmothers. Her narrative voice is friendly, interesting, and honest. I highly recommend her book and warn that you may be motivated to begin writing your own reflections.

—Ruth Saxton, author of The Book of Old Ladies

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